Capsule Endoscopy for the Esophagus

Digestive Health Physicians was the first group in our region to perform Video Capsule Endoscopy with the M2A Capsule Endoscope for diagnosis of small bowel diseases. In the very near future, we will introduce a new development. On October 26, 2004, Given Imaging was granted approval for its new system for imaging the esophagus.

The PillCam™ ESO video capsule for imaging the esophagus is a video capsule device that has video cameras at both ends. The new capsule takes 14 pictures per second compared to the two per second rate of the M2A Capsule. The pictures are transmitted to a data recorder outside the body. This allows for a fast, noninvasive method for accurately diagnosing diseases of the esophagus.

Advantages of Capsule Endoscopy for the Esophagus:

  • Safe, noninvasive, convenient
  • As accurate as conventional endoscopy in identifying abnormalities.
  • No anesthesia required. You can drive home after the procedure. You do not have to miss a day of work.
  • Report of the procedure will be available almost immediately
  • Cost is less than conventional endoscopy


  • Only the esophagus is evaluated. Stomach and duodenum cannot be thoroughly examined
  • If abnormalitites are found, conventional endoscopy may be required

Please stay tuned as we learn more about this exciting new procedure.
If you would like to learn more, see the Given Imaging web site.