Bravo Ambulatory pH Monitoring System

Digestive Health Physicians is pleased to announce the availability of the Medtronic “Bravo Ambulatory pH system”. This is a device used for evaluation of patients with gastroesophageal reflux. The Bravo system is based on a miniature pH monitoring device that is implanted in the esophagus. The device transmits pH data to a recording device worn on the belt. The system eliminates the need for an uncomfortable nasal tube. This greatly improves patient acceptance since the capsule is placed endoscopically under sedation and the patient is completely unaware of its presence. Furthermore, pH data is collected for longer periods, usually 48 hours, making for more accurate studies that are further enhanced by the patient’s ability to maintain his usual diet and lifestyle due to a lack of the transnasal catheter.

For more information about Bravo please see the Medtronic web site.